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I also had fibroid tumors and had a hysterectomy. The doctor who did my surgery was Dr. Polo. ("Marco"!..."Polo"!) He didn't laugh at any of my jokes, even the one about how, after the surgery, I would be much thinner because certainly my "spongy" (his word) uterus must weigh about 40 pounds. Not even a titter. I also asked him if I could see my "spongy" uterus after the surgery. I mean how many times in your life do you get to see one of your internal organs? But, alas, he let me down. Maybe he thought I was kidding.

oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I think this one day/short stay surgery if for the birds. Things happen after surgery. They could have at least made sure you had a normal bm before sending you home. And I bet the gynie is thanking his lucky stars that you didn't sue his pants off! Doctors are human, too but come on....sewing your colon closed? I hope that taught him a lesson.
Bless you for going back to him, you are quite the understanding patient.

Good story! My dad's cardiologist put him on Cumadin (spelling?), a heavy-duty blood thinner, without mentioning that he would need daily checks until the dosage could be correctly worked out. Oops. He got to the point where he was spontaniously bruising at almost a feather touch and they brought him into the hospital for a transfusion. He still sees the guy.

As for my pap smear doctor, he's so handsome it almost kills me - sometimes I wish I could get that pesky nurse to leave the room so I can have him all to myself. I believe that he is as happily married as I am but a girl can always dream.........

We Miss You! Hope everything is OK!!

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